As an engineering journalist I am committed to technological innovation. This blog will explore important developments, with the emphasis on technology that helps improve people’s lives or makes them richer.

The sky is not the limit. Space exploitation is vital to on-going human development. So is play. Innovators are coming up with interesting and exciting new toys. Technological progress makes new toys possible. Economic growth makes new toys affordable.

I’ve been involved in commercial research and development long enough to know that pretty-much anything is possible. There have always been people who fear new technology. There have always been people who say progress is impossible. Technological progress does not stop because some people say humanity should not or can not do something. The best innovators find ways around rules and limits.

Expect to see Techogeny bust a few myths. I’ve also seen good innovations killed by falsehoods. Myth-busting matters.

The title celebrates humanity’s most fundamental innovation: The invention of humanity. Our species is uniquely adapted to our technology: language, tools, the control of fire, and so on. Homo sapiens is the product of technological innovation. We are technological organisms.

We are technorg.